A Passion for racing, a Dedication to detail and an Ambition to keep pushing the limits of what we can achieve anything is possible


Sim Racing has provided a way to connect the real-life racing and virtual worlds together providing a very entertaining method for series to be able host their own events generating lots of exciting racing content, From Formula 1 to Moto GP, IndyCar, FIA WTCR and even the 24 Hours of Le Mans have each streamed their own online events. While it has also become an invaluable platform for manufacturers and sponsors alike. Virtual Racing Association has run various online events for multiple championships including Britcar Endurance, F1000, Porsche Carrera Cup and WTCC each with realism as the key factor, real life regulations and race liveries that mirror those seen on race circuits around the world giving the whole experience a greater sense of authenticity for the drivers taking part.


Motorsports Photography has been a fun and for filling experience for Virtual Racing Association  since the early 1990’s giving both the opportunity to share our experiences with the participants and spectators experience’s, showing how motorsport feels for them around the trackside and paddock at any given moment in time. From the local Karting Club at Clay Pigeon Raceway to the high speeds of Thruxton Motorsport Circuit with the British Touring Car Championship it is often all about how we have interacted with the teams and drivers that has allowed me to capture that one moment or image thought the lens that highlights what the rider or driver are doing at the given moment in time, capturing them on the edge in one single moment that has grabbed the eyes of many a spectator.