A dramatic twist at the very last moment added yet another twist in the title fight for the Honda Cadet series at Clay Pigeon Kart Club, Charles Green, Hugh Moulton and Harrison Whitticombe kept the crowds guessing but in the end it would be Dalton Haywood who has provided the biggest curveball in this seasons championship title fight with just two rounds remaining.

The Honda Cadet series is open to any young driver from the age of 6 to 13 and can be competed at all local Karting clubs throughout the UK. The category has been growing in popularity over the years increasing in numbers yearly. It is seen by many as the very first stepping stone on the motorsport ladder and a great way to gain Karting experience before moving up to the junior and senior categories.

Hugh Moulton had been in dominate form in from the off taking the lead in the first heat early with Freddie Baker moving up strongly to challenge him. Baker dropped away on lap three allowing Harrison Whitticome to move into second place overall followed by a recovering Cameron Nelson now up to third having started on the front row. Once in front the top three never looked like being caught this did not stop Dalton Haywood who finished forth setting the fastest lap in the process. His rise up the field by a staggering eleven places would be a precursor for what was to come in the following Heats and Final.

The second heat of the day was more closely contested with no fewer four different leaders and than seven personal best lap times being set through out the 13 lap race. Amelie Acketts had started on Pole but struggled to stay in front gradually dropping down the order and away from the front pack falling all the way to seventh on the opening lap.

Charles Green moved from forth to first with a brilliant start holding on until lap five when Dalton Haywoood took the lead from him. On lap nine Haywood went wide slipping down to forth before a superb comeback drive would see him charge through to take the win away from Hugh Moulton as the pair crossed the line just two hundredths of a second apart with Jonathan Pigott a strong third in class also narrowly ahead of Charles Green with the top four finishing less than half a second from each other.

Honda Cadet, #66 Harrison Whitticombe Just ahead of #40 Cameron Nelson, Image Supplied by Matt Gale at Behind The Fence Photography 

If the previous heats had shown anything it was to expect the unexpected and nothing is over the chequered flag. The third heat of the day provided more of the same Logan Bennet started on Pole but dropped away eventually finishing tenth. Harrioson Whitticombe once again took advantage of the slower starting group ahead of him to move into the lead once again. On lap six Haywood made his move taking the lead away from Whitticombe following a brilliant drive through the field, Jack west had maintained second from the start but was now in to third and looking to pass both Haywood and Whitticombe for the lead. Whitticombe was not giving up on the heat victory and pushed Haywood incredibly hard taking the fastest lap in the process on the penultimate lap but despite pushing hard but could not find a way through just missing out on the victory, an honour that once again went to Haywood.

Honda Cadet, #94 Oliver Gussman being pushed hard by #94 Logan Bennet, Image Supplied by Matt Gale at Behind The Fence Photography 

The Honda Cadet final would certainly deliver one of the day’s most entertained races of the day and surely a contender for race of the season within its own series.

Dalten Hayword would lead the field around on the parade lap but by the exit of Billy’s Blind dropped behind Hugh Moulton with Harrison Whitticombe coming very close to taking second away on the run down to the hairpin. Cameron Nelson remained in forth keeping a close eye on the action ahead looking for any opportunity to present itself to allow him a chance. With Moulton now leading, Hayword took his chance on lap five finding a way past for the lead with Whitticombe following closely, Charles Green found a way to pass Nelson putting his name into those with the potential to take the race win.

On lap eleven Whitticombe attempted a late pass for the lead on Haywood but instead ran loose allowing Moulton to take advantage briefly moving up to second. Moments later Moulton tried a pass to retake second in doing so putting himself out wide allowing Whitticome to re take second. For Moulton, a trip on the grass reshaped the running order further with Hayword now leading from Whitticombe chased hard by Moulton, Green and Nelson.

With Moulton now dropping to forth Green took his chance, cementing the final place on the podium with a well-timed move on the exit of Button’s Bend passed Moulton into the final bend. As the last laps counted down, attention in the paddock grew and many of those competing higher up could be seen watching with interest from the side of the circuit.

Honda Cadet, #68 Dalton Haywood leading the field from #51 Hugh Moulton, Image Supplied by Matt Gale at Behind The Fence Photography 

As they entered the final lap it was still all to play for. Haywood was holding on for all his worth with Whitticombe now close behind and championship leader Green now up to third. Down the back strait Whitticombe went for it looking to pass Haywood with a brave move around the outside of the Horseshoe the pair touched it looked for a moment like they had cost themselves the race offering up a great opportunity for Green to make his move.

Through button the trio went side by side each looking for a better run off the final corner joined now my Moulton making it four drivers all their for the win, bumper to bumper they charged but no sooner than they had come together the chequered flag was being shown. Haywood had done incredibly well to hold everyone off holding it together for fourteen laps with the chasing pack pushing harder and harder to take the win from him.

Following a stewards investigation following the earlier incident between Haywood and Whitticombe it was decided that the contact could have been avoided granting Charles Green second and Hugh Moulton third. Cameron Nelson who had lost touch with everyone during the latter stages of the race was also promoted to forth following the penalty decision awarded to Whitticombe. 

For many involved the spectacle, close racing and the talent involved on the day was worth as much as the championship itself, but they all agreed that the racing which decided the final result in the closing laps showed off why Honda Cadet is regarded as a true spectacle of the sport.

Honda Cadet, #51 Hugh Moulton, Image Supplied by Matt Gale at Behind The Fence Photography 

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